From COVID-19 to trade wars, “the Amazon effect”, economic downturn and recession, 3PL warehouse operators, distribution centers and fulfillment centers need every edge to meet the greatest business challenges of our times.  Learn how supply chain businesses can take advantage of a downturn through advance planning and investment in leading edge WMS technology.

Software developer Datex recently introduced a free guide to help companies not simply survive but thrive in volatile economic times.  The guide introduces the survey of 3,900 respondents conducted by Bain & Company to develop an understanding of how businesses fared during and after an economic recession based on the company’s reaction and preparedness.

The survey determined that companies that prepared in advance for an economic downturn were better positioned to gain market share and expedite growth and profitability.  Investing in new technology such as a cutting-edge warehouse management system is one accepted strategy.  Advance preparation and leveraging new IT capabilities can help supply chain businesses by avoiding the need to react quickly in a crisis, providing more and often better quality data for action and decision making as well as more effective tools for managing operations.

The guide also examines how relying on outdated technology can hamper a company’s ability to compete and win business.  Companies still using outdated legacy warehouse management systems report inability to keep pace with competitors.  Leveraging a leading-edge WMS can provide distinct advantages and help supply chain companies save on time, money and labor.  The savings, increased productivity and efficiency can help make warehouse and 3PL operators win and retain business.


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