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datex-logo-blue-grey-orange-175x59Supply chain software developer, Datex strengthened its position as a key competitor to Tier 1 enterprise level WMS systems with improvements in its latest upgrade, Sprint 3.2.  The three primary components of the upgrade include an elaborate new procurement module, advanced ad hoc customizable reporting functionality, and enhanced audit trail functionality to ensure compliance with FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11.  These changes benefit clients in the pharmaceutical, food, medical device, biotech, third party logistics and other industries as well as the average users of warehouse management software.Datex’s newly expanded procurement module ties into a sophisticated inventory management system, enabling expansion of functionality for multiple projects and clients, a perfect fit for third party logistics providers.  Among the many functions of the new procurement system are bid analysis, traffic and logistics, revision control and history, vendor analysis, approval process, purchase order tracking, and equipment deployment.  The new upgrade tracks inventory by lines and multiple sub-lines.   By adding the increased functionality, Datex provides centralized visibility and control over the approval process.  This saves users money, labor and the time in evaluating data to make key business decisions.

Adding to Datex’s reputation for user friendly WMS software, the new advanced ad hoc reporting system for the average, non-technical user is already a favorite of Datex clients.  “Our clients asked for the ability to create their own reports without having to pay for added professional service hours” explained Michael Armanious, President of Datex.  “Many of our clients are 3PLs.  They want to be able to create specialized reports ‘on the fly’ for their many different clients.  This new ‘drag and drop’ functionality provides great value to our client and their customers, giving them a new competitive advantage in a crowded industry.”

Specifically designed to ensure compliance with the 21 CFR Part 11 standard for digital recordkeeping, most commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, Datex Footprint® has the ability to provide a thorough audit trail and electronic signature.  This high level of functionality is typically only found on high end Tier 1 enterprise level warehouse management systems with higher total cost of ownership.  By introducing this functionality to Footprint®, Datex hopes to attract businesses who want leading edge functionality without the high cost of typically associated with other Tier 1 software.

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