How to Decide on Cloud, Saas or On-Premise WMS

Think long term about your business.

Whether you select Cloud, SaaS or an on-premise deployment model, no advanced WMS can provide all the features your business will require without significant implementation cost.  A WMS must be configured to meet the specific needs of your operation.  In addition, your warehouse must be setup to optimize WMS efficiency and your warehouse workforce will require training.

What are Your Primary Reasons for Considering a Cloud WMS?

  • Lack of IT staff to handle
  • Initial cost of capital investment in equipment
  • Initial cost of software licenses
  • Business fluctuates, seasonally or is in growth mode

Do You Need a WMS That Can Rapidly be Scaled Up or Down?

Whether you have a rapidly expanding business, experience seasonal variation or are involved in M&A activity, scalability may be a critical factor when deciding on new WMS technology.  In this instance, Cloud tends to be the preferred deployment option due to its ability to scale up or down rapidly.

Can Cloud Work for Your Business?

  • You control your technology investment
  • Scale system readily to meet needs
  • No need for infrastructure
  • Vendor delivers software upgrades
  • Potentially unlimited computing power
  • Use software at multiple locations by many users
  • Process large numbers of transactions simultaneously
  • Unlimited by capacity of on-premise server(s)
  • Vendor controls delivery of software via Internet
  • Must have reliable Internet-always

The Basics of Datex Cloud WMS

  • Good for medium-large businesses
  • Works well for multi-location operations
  • Top system uptime with reliable Internet
  • On private hosted or segregated server
  • Includes advanced security
  • Vendor manages and upgrades
  • Customization available
  • Standardized additional features available
  • Major flexibility
  • Higher data security, privacy & redundancy

What is SaaS WMS?

SaaS or Software-as-a-Service also uses Cloud and the Internet to deliver the computing product. SaaS “resides in the Cloud” and all data resides with the service provider. Users access the software via a web browser. SaaS systems have less flexibility and customization options and the software tends to be more of an entry level than advanced functionality package. No software customization can be done by the user.

Is SaaS WMS a Good Option for Your Business?

  • Good for start-up or less complex operations
  • No customization needed or available
  • Lower initial investment-no infrastructure
  • Lower IT resource needs

Will On-Premise WMS Work Best for Your Business?

  • Need to stay relatively current on operating systems
  • Higher upfront cost but usually less expensive long term
  • Can require more infrastructure to support multiple locations & large numbers of users
  • Supports more customization
  • Works well with other platforms
  • You are in control

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