blockchain supply chain
According to the 2018 3PL Study, Blockchain technology is making it way into supply chain and logistics industries. 67% of shippers and 62% of third party logistics providers said they don’t know enough about blockchain to rate it at this time. Currently, majority of shippers and 3PLs are not yet talking about implementing blockchain into their supply chain but some see a potential application for it in the future. 11% of 3PLs believe that blockchain activities should run completely independently of 3PLs (they can participate, but shouldn’t bring programs forth) whereas 15% of shippers do. 31% of 3PLs would like to see 3PLs owning or partnering in blockchain offerings as oppose to only 19% of shippers. 33% of 3PLs have no interest in blockchain activities nor do 30% of shippers. 31% of 3PLs would like 3PLs to bring potential blockchain initiatives to the table/conversation and 36% of shippers agree. Areas of interest for blockchain include traceability which is movement history and components, overall visibility and data sharing with partners, means to satisfy regulatory requirements, ensure ethical compliance, consumer use data, financial monitoring, security/safety of high-risk products, condition monitoring, ensure environmental sustainability and eliminate corruption within current institutions or regulatory groups.

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