Datex Courier Industry

Anywhere. Anytime. Anything.

When your courier business depends on fast, accurate deliveries, the latest technology can really help. By using a combination of handheld devices and warehouse management software, your business will have 24/7/365 access to package location, delivery confirmation and other information vital to running your business in today’s crazy world.

Need a leg up on the competition?

Compete with the major delivery services by using technology. Why spend hours filing papers, preparing invoices and verifying deliveries when you can handle all the work electronically?

Want to make your customers happy?

Using the latest software and handheld devices, your customer can have constant visibility to package delivery, invoices and other data without ever having to call your office. They can follow their package as it travels real time through the delivery process, reassuring them of the care your team takes with every delivery.

AT&T and Datex: Courier Industry Experts

Our longstanding relationship with AT&T helps keep your courier business on track. The experienced team of AT&T and Datex can streamline communications and service, providing your business with value added services that maximize your investment.

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Special Datex Services for Couriers

Value Added Services

  • Carrier SIM card activation
  • Load SIM cards in proper device
  • Configure device with ATT/carrier APN (user/password set up)
  • Barcode symbology testing and set up
  • Single point of contact for the carrier service, device, configuration and service
  • Field service support by Datex staff
  • Reserve stock program
  • 3 year comprehensive plan added to each device
  • RMA processing for service warranty
  • Receive full service device

Software Install

  • Able to load and deploy courier specific software
  • Established relationship with E-Courier and Datatrac
  • Load and configure Zebra Technologies App Center on each device (for device security)


  • Speedy shipping or hand delivery by Datex staff
  • Shipment with device documentation
  • Service agreement summary with start and end date for carrier service

AT&T Relationship

  • Dedicated internal AT&T business resource
  • Datex liaison between AT&T and end user
  • Able to provide data usage estimates to customer prior to contract signature