Datex Apparel Industry

Fashioning a warehouse management system to meet the needs of the apparel industry is no easy task.

Datex FootPrint WMS can track multi-dimensional products and can link attributes such as costs and seasons to specific styles.

Not a ONE SIZE FITS ALL solution.

We know that the apparel industry needs a range of functionality to keep a watchful eye on profitability. Our WMS allows for order placement based on style/size/color runs and can link purchases with sales to calculate profit margins.

SKUs are our business.

Our warehouse management solution can attach an image to a SKU, handle UPC number assignments to an individual SKU, or range of SKUs.

From hemlines to hoodies, our system works for you.

Need to associate varying size scales to size groups? We can do it. Need a portal to manage overseas vendors? Not a problem. Add our automatic email notification system and EDI and your business will have real time information and be ready to provide superior service to retailers.

More About FootPrint Procurement Management System

Apparel Industry Technical Details


Inventory management

  • Association of varying size scales to size groups
  • Regulate color definitions
  • Link attributes, costs, and season to specific styles
  • UPC Number assignment to individual SKU or a range of SKUs
  • Ability to attach an image to SKU
  • Order placement based on style/size/color runs

Additional features

  • Link purchases with sales to calculate profit margins
  • Portal to manage overseas vendors
  • Integration to FootPrint for full supply chain control
  • EDI Compatible
  • Automatic email notifications