Datex Track and Trace Solution for Food Products Webinar

Datex Track and Trace Solution for the Food Industry Part 2

Food safety regulations in the United States, Canada and European Union now focus on providing more protection for consumers by increasing the ability to track and trace food products from suppliers to consumers. Within the past year, there has been a continual flow of food product recalls for both pets and humans at a tremendous human and financial cost. Businesses need to improve the quality of real time detailed information about food products in order to improve the response time and effort involved in recalls. How can this be done? Using a state-of-the-art automated warehouse management system (WMS), companies can have real time information at their fingertips. The savings of time, money, frustration and potentially human lives can be dramatic.

Join us Thursday October 18th for a brief preview of the Datex FootPrint ® WMS Track and Trace Solution for the Food Industry. In this webinar, we will review optimal features for a warehouse management system (WMS) track and trace solution such as recording of operations, shipping data recording, track and trace by Lot, ingredient and more.

During this webinar we will review issues related to traceability and recall such as:

  • Hypothetical cases of food recalls that are supplier, consumer and internally driven
  • How the system handles issues like track and trace by Lot, ingredient and more
  • View a typical allocation strategy, First Expiry-First Out (FIFO)

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